Hyperion_130 × 130

Bruno Maderna
Asko Ensemble

Disques Montaigne – (2 CDs) 782014, 1993


Composition l, ll, lll
Galina Ustvolskaya
Schönberg Ensemble

Philips, 1995


Ruth Crawford Seeger Portrait
Schönberg Ensemble

Deutsche Grammophon, 14 Aug. 1997


Format Killer
Kraakgeluiden Document 1

Unsounds, 2003

There are records that just defy any description, such are their variety and multi-faceted sound: this is one of them. “Kraakgeluiden” is completely based on live improvisations recorded in various combinations of a lot of musicians playing squats (please read the notes for further explanation), generally experimenting a lot and having a sincere good time. – Massimo Ricci, November 13, 2012

Fiets_130 × 130

Rozemarie Heggen - double bass
Terrie Ex - guitar
Terp Records, 2003


Turn – The Ex
Ex Records – (2 CDs) EX 090/091D, 2004


Selam – Tsehaytu Beraki
T. Beraki, vocals, krar, baas-krar, kokoro; H. Bennink, drums [2.8]; M. Vatcher, drums [1.8, 2.3]; K. Ex, drums [1.6, 2.6]; R. Heggen, double bass [2.2]; K. Gebremedhin, A. Russom, M. Tekle, S. Yemane, backing vocals, slapping
Terp – AS-07/08 2004 [recorded between feb. 2000 and nov. 2003]


High Birds vol.1
Paul Dunmall – Soprano Saxophone; Rozemarie Heggen – Double Bass; Alan Purves – Drums, Percussion, Performer [Squeakology]
DUNS limited edition ‎– DLE 058, 2007


High Birds vol.2
Rozemarie Heggen – Double Bass; Alan Purves – Drums, Percussion, Performer [Squeakology]; Paul Dunmall – Soprano Saxophone; Hilary Jeffery – Trombone
DUNS limited edition ‎– DLE 059, 2007


Philip Corner: Extreme Positions
The Barton Workshop

New World Records – (2 CDs) 80659, maart 2007

The Barton Workshop: Jos Zwaanenburg, flute; John Anderson, clarinets; James Fulkerson, Hilary Jeffery, trombones; Nina Hitz, cello; Boris M. Visser, violin; Manuel Visser, viola; Rozemarie Heggen, contrabass; Krijn van Arnhem, bassoon/contrabassoon; Dante Oei, piano (Chopin Prelude); Tobias Liebezeit, percussion; Taylan Susam, conductor (Passionate Expanse of the Law)


Building A Broken Mousetrap, The Ex In New York
a film by Jem Cohen and Matt Boyd 2007

Ex, TG dvd (Touch And Go Records)


The Box
dance, Julyen Hamilton/Lily Kiara
double bass, Rozemarie Heggen/Wilbert de Joode
Mad Sunday, 21 January 2007
Bluedog DVD

Oh, Ho!  
Oliver & Heggen
a duo-cd with: Rozemarie Heggen, double bass; Mary Oliver, violin/viola
ICP ICP047 2007


Les Mamelles De Tiresias – Francis Poulenc
Nieuw Ensemble

Sabam Crescendo
December 2009


The Convoy Tour – 2009
The Ex + Guests

Ex DVD, 2009


St.Luke’s Passion – Calliope Tsoupaki (1963- )
Egidius Kwartet, Ed Spanjaard, Nieuw Ensemble, Ioannis Arvanitis Byzantine Choir, Marcel Beekman, Ioannis Arvanitis, Raneen Hanna
Etcetera Records - (1 CD)KTC 1402 2009


Eins, Zwei
Schrattenberg Hotel Pupik 99-09
Zwei – track nr 15, R.Heggen, no.1, contrabas solo
sampler – 2010


Royals – Alessandro Bosetti
F. Farah [1], K. Stevanovie [1], A. Bosetti [1, 2, 3], C. Williams [1], vocals; A. Bosetti, electronics, field recordings, piano, wurlitzer piano, sopraan saxophone, guitar, harpsichord and other instruments; R. Heggen [1], double bass
Monotype Records - 2010


Pulsinger/Kurstin/Jeffery/Heggen: Besides Feldman
R. Heggen, double bass; H. Jeffrey, trombone; P. Kurstin, theremin; P. Pulsinger, modular synthesizer
Col Legno – WWE1CD20298
Nov 2011


Choral Works – Leos Janacek (Rikadla) 1854-1928
Capella Amsterdam – o.l.v. Daniel Reuss; Opgenomen in november 2010 in de Waalse Kerk in Amsterdam.
Harmonia Mundi – (1 CD) HMC902097
januari 2012


Tibetan Tunnels – Lysn
T. Bugs - electric guitar, 
S. Cater – harmonica's
, J. Fulkerson – trombone, 
Johan De Koeyer – sound
, A. Genovesi – electric guitar, electronics, 
R. Heggen – double bass, 
N, Hitz – cello, 
H, Jeffery – trombone, melodica, electronics, N. Köhne – viola, 
D. Murphy – tenor saxophone
Dilemma Records – dil007, 2012


Ecstatic Landing – Lysn
S. Heather, Drums, Percussion; R, Heggen, Electric Bass; A. Genovesi, Electric Guitar, Electronics; H. Jeffery, Trombone, Keyboards, Electronics; B. Beins, Zither, Performer [Objects], Electronics
Aquarellist – 2012

From Here To Tranquility
featuring "Inner Day" by Minor Tom
Gianpaolo Peres, voice
Hilary Jeffery, trombone & electronics
Rozemarie Heggen, double bass
Silent Records 2020